Launching Vis Viva Space

In early June, I quit my aerospace engineering job to start my own company – a long-time dream of mine. I’ll be posting updates on this blog as I build this company and its products.

Vis Viva Space will build aerospace software for Mission Planning (i.e. determining the sequence of events needed to complete a mission) and Mission Design (i.e. determining how to get a spacecraft where it needs to go to complete its mission).

Too often, engineers working Mission Planning and Mission Design problems have to work with unreliable and finicky tools or try to modify tools to solve problems that they weren’t designed for. Mission Planners and Designers often spend many hours essentially debugging software by tweaking input files (because they don’t have access to change the software) or they have to spend months developing their own software. All of this is extra work that gets in the way of solving the hard problems that make great missions possible. I want to build tools that are both reliable and flexible – tools that don’t get in the way of getting your work done but empower you to find new ways to solve hard problems.